Sincere Writing

The Blue Book

A first-of-its-kind digital book that sets out to prove love. Enjoy the unfolding absurdity.



The more I write honest poetry, the more my experience honestly becomes poetic.



Llive poetically by all means. However, to know your truth inside out, you must put even this down. Just let go.



The fourth peace of The Blue Book trilogy. Dedicated to those simple souls, for whom the obvious is just obvious.



The fifth, final, and infinite peace, found in The Library of Babel. Each chapter is cared for with a Guardian NFT, held by those I love.


Playful Work


A core of creators committed to building better communities.



Collectively restoring justice and the dignity of returning citizens.


A transparent economic ranking algorithm. In production on Ethereum.


Head and Heart

“The real basis of their poetry is a loftily inculcated ethical system, which recognises in purity of heart, charity, self-renunciation, and bridling of the passions, the necessary conditions of eternal happiness.” — Reynold Nicholson

The notion that deepening awareness and expanding conscious skill leads to experiencing every moment in this world as perfect, as one spent witnessing the ever-present Face of God, has been around for a long time. The //Xam, and other tribes of the First People who wandered the Kalahari Desert and the Karoo, spoke of those harsh and beautiful landscapes as "The Great Face", which they were able to read for signs critical to their sustenance and survival. The Qur'an, to me, is a potent distillment of this kind of sight. There are many others: only become aware of the book in your own heart.

Everything has its own integrity; is itself an expression in some form of unconditional love. This site traces aspects of that original integrity across The Great Digital Face, following the old song lines as they play out the same, perennial rhythm between 0 and 1.