What was said on Beams applies equally here. Please stop for a moment and focus on your breath. Allow yourself to sink into the silence between each impulse. Let your attention return to its seat in your heart.

If you know what it is, please do wudu and consider reading this section of the Qur'an before scrolling down the page.

The divine source is the cause of all and is ever present at heart.

To accept natural human limitations and boundaries is the first step towards awareness of the boundless within us—our soul or spirit.

We live within this mysterious reality where the transient and the eternal are inseparable. To explain this situation is the origin of most religions.

A wholesome mind has no option other than to accept the challenging gift of life and to try to interact with creation in smooth and natural ways, harmonious with body, mind and heart.

The reflective person deals holistically with body, mind and soul. Purity of heart is necessary for the soul’s light to reveal the map of Reality.

Life and death are experienced in two zones, one biological and the other one spiritual, beyond the confines of space and time.

For every outer there is an inner. All entities emerge from energy and are interconnected in the universe.

Discriminating between outer and inner is the first step to realizing their inseparability in essence.

The challenge of life is to learn and read the maps of dualities and how all opposites balance and neutralize each other. What is real is original Oneness—Ever perfect.

We are creatures between dense darkness and cosmic light. Our median position gives us the advantage of witnessing Reality in its fullness.

All dualities have their root in the original Oneness to which they return—the Perpetual One.

From the One, dualities and pluralities emerge, only to develop, mature and then subside back to Oneness. The tree of life with its roots and trunk produces multiple branches and expressions.

Your soul is sacred in origin yet it remains in its present, temporary residence in your heart. Be at its altar—worship and experience lights.

We experience change and movement due to the stable nature of our soul.

The nature of the soul is primal light and its purpose is to illumine the physical and mental components of humans.

When you identify with your biography, ego, or lower self, you are doing yourself injustice. The soul radiates divine justice.

The soul is beyond any changes that the self experiences. To live as a soul in the moment leads to experiencing the pure thrill of life.

When you discover the bliss that emanates from your own soul, you are awakening to the Divine promise.

The beginner’s mind is fresh, flexible, and close to the door of eternal presence and the infinite Nowness.

The road sign to a city is not the city. Remembrance is a sign. Experiencing the light within is to be celebrated.

We have all evolved from Oneness and are driven to know and experience it through higher consciousness.

Reality is One and it manifests as countless entities within space and time, each carrying a reminder of the origin.

The beginning of existence and its end is Oneness. In between, we take delight in experiences of deep connectedness.

Connection and continuation are dominant in human consciousness —at all stages of life and existence.

The ego serves its purpose by providing a cover for the sacred soul until one is ready for its light and presence.

The human desire to know and understand everything is indicative of the potential within us that knows all.

The wise realize that neither attraction nor repulsion bring durable contentment to the heart. The awakened being simply witnesses the changes and remains within the ever constant soul.

We make allowance for our earthly limitations whilst evolving towards our origin—boundless life.

The awakened being lives within sensible and wise limitations on earth whilst experiencing the limitless light of the soul within.

Most people complain that time flies, but the awakened ones discover the inner zone of timelessness.

Every human reflects the story of the universe. However, life itself has no beginning or end. The divine is eternal.

The natural desire to change the world is a reflection of the need of self to yield and be transformed to soul. This outcome is greater than changing the world.

Personal awareness of life is the starting point of experiencing life in its infinite boundless reality.

Humanity is obsessed with its original nature—divinity and singularity. That is the root of all desires, passions and obsessions.

Each one of us contains aspects of animality, humanity and a spark of divinity. At best we may reflect an aspect of The Real.

The wise aspire to connectedness with a state that is constant, beautiful and perfect—the soul.

The constant human challenge is to maintain the balance between our sensory world and the inner light of the soul.

To be in balance physically, mentally, and spiritually, we need to listen and respond with healing affection.

The purpose of human life is complete when total harmony between body, mind and heart is attained and experienced.

Our spiritual growth is landmarked by clear intentions, efficient action and regular contemplation. From hesitancy comes clarity.

To find your real self —your soul— lose your identity and yield to the inner light of your soul.

The soul carries the imprint of cosmic Reality. Self/soul interplay reveals the emergence of duality from unity.

Your soul is the most gentle as well as most powerful and tough. It is not subject to change.

Higher consciousness is our enduring nature and reality; and the closer we are to it the more we feel secure in its presence.

The human journey in life is an ascent in consciousness from what we consider normal, towards the full spectrum—Cosmic Oneness.

Everyone strives to discover Reality and be content. There are different levels of spiritual experiences all leading to inner stillness and pure witnessing.

The state of constant presence is the nature of our soul, which is the source of our life.

Our life is totally entangled with the sacred cosmic Oneness. All our earthly quests aim to experience this Reality.

A remedy may be bitter and a poison may be sweet. What may please your ego can darken the heart.

The illusion of separation is a driving force toward the conclusion—Universal Oneness, perpetual singularity.

To lead towards a balanced human destiny one needs to be a follower of the soul and its divine guidance at all times.

To serve unconditionally is to liberate yourself from the calculating mind and ego.

Sustainable peace is the outcome if humans come closer to the peace of their own soul, and live in that state.

Human life is based upon connections with different threads of life. The original cause is ONE and the universe is the effect.

Physically we relate to our biological roots, spiritually to our original timeless Reality: ever-present at heart.

In essence, all ‘other’ human beings are the same as you.

The paradox is that the human soul is both exclusive (you have it) and inclusive (everyone lives by it).

When the self is in unison with the soul, all relationships fit in with ease and efficiency.

The drive to experience unity and continuity needs the vehicle of the heart. Love is a beam of the soul that penetrates a pure heart.

All aspects of love emanate from the original divine love that connects and links the entire universe.

Reflection upon emotional states emanates from the soul, which illumines the journey towards its own perfection.

The highest point of human love is life itself. Love of life points towards the understanding of all intricate relationships as they manifest on earth or elsewhere. Passion for life is love of its perpetual essence.

Similarities in mind and emotions are preludes to experiencing aspects of sameness and oneness—where eternal love ends all differences and separation.

When you respect others as yourself, you are in close harmony to souls and their sameness.

Love for life is the root of all quests.

The highest level of morality is to respond to the voice of truth, as it emanates from the pure heart.

Human life is a short bridge that leads to the experience of the eternal nature of one’s own soul.

Pleasure is accompanied by pain until we perceive existence through the lens of the soul—a steady state of euphoria.

When self-love yields to the perfect soul within, then it is at one with the life force that pervades the universe.

We occasionally experience the perfect moment—no thought, intention or action. That instant reveals our soul’s perfect state.

All desires and quests end at the door of higher consciousness, at the point of the soul’s perfection.

With awakening we follow the one and only optimum choice. The path of knowledge ends with the end of personal will or desire.

The natural outcome of knowledge and guidance is the experience of sacred presence and its perfection.

Your soul reflects the sacred presence, yet your earthly side experiences life through change. The real you is eternal, but appears to change.

In sacred presence belonging is a redundant word: there is only the light from which everything emanates and to which all returns.

The present gives rise to all that is perceived within space and time—that is sacred presence! The perfect now.

Now is not caught within space or time, but simply gives rise to illusions of time. Now represents eternal presence appearing in time.

The moment, the now, is ever perpetual and to read it is to open the book of cosmic truth.

The pattern and plan is well in place and our role is simply to follow the design. Enjoy Grace.

Divine love is the cosmic energy field that permeates the whole universe and manifests as the human soul within the heart—proof of God’s love.

Existence is an emanation of return from The ONE.

The big question is who and where is God? If the answer is that there is only God, then who are you? Even this question can only be posed by God’s grace.

The light of supreme consciousness declares itself as the reason.