Throwback Thursday

I am walking the edges of my world,
wandering through endless boundaries
beneath the starry night which wraps
me in its timeless clock, a man lost
in the utter beauty of it all,
the crushing, terrifying beauty
that sometimes crawls up,
soft and inviting,
and sometimes grabs and chokes
me in its steel grasp,
unexpected, unable to breathe,
bound and chained and chanting
and everywhere the scent of an old flower,
crushed into the folds of me
a long time ago, next to a river
as the village drums played and a wind
wound its way into my head,
whispering stories of hungry roads,
strung across with Anansi’s webs,
forged somehow in the flowing night
by floating through space, suspended
on a single thread of silk,
singing too the singular truth
of the star jasmine, fragrance as notes
that can be felt and all the world
one thing, rightly seen.

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