The No-Boundary Condition

“A well-constructed model creates a reality of its own” – Stephen Hawking

The way we arrange internal space
selects everything from the weight and mass
of electrons to the wavelength of visible light,
to the explosions of stars and the decay
of all order bar that caught up
in life itself, this thing
from which we draw the numbers,
we many-masked presenters before
a hollow and make-believe audience
laughing at all the wrong cues,
all caught up in this curved string,
curled so tightly that seven of its sides
slide away from view into a non-existent
ether, left floating through the mind
whether you look at it or not.

So we sum up the infinite histories
and imagine, in different planes, the
asymptotic freedom of quarks,
utterly astonished that particles
which are no more and no less
than simple patterns of vibration
could have led us here, now,
this always-present time, itself
just another way of expressing space,
as if to speak of it were to make one dream,
one dance, one darting probe into
the eternities of emptiness
all around.

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