One Blossom

Do you remember
what it felt like to let go?

Do you remember
what it felt like to let go?

To stand out from behind
your dark corner
and look directly in
to the great light
and feel yourself melt
in the sound of a universe
attached to your palm,
heaven and the heart who sings
this endless silence,
as marvellous as the patterns
in breaking waves where
air and foam and sunlight play,
or the markings in marble
like a musical score set out long ago
in a language we forgot…

So remember,
burn like an ember meant
to start fires.

Burn, and dance, and feel
the drum’s deep beat
obliterate you.

And remember again
what joy this is.

So boundless,
so burning hot
it lights you up:
one little person,
panting at the mountain’s top,
brought much further
than could ever be endured,
but still here, finally,
at the destined point
poised to send a signal of hope
in the face of god’s perfect silence.

A message, in the old tongue,
about a secret flame
and being caught,
and coming back just to feel
a simple breath;
to search again
for a righteous battle
and one perfect blossom.

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